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Congratulations! You’ve somehow ended up here and may or may not be questioning your life choices… so are we! This black sheep of a publishing house focuses on fantasy and science fiction misadventures—we love the odd, quirky, and unique stories that don’t quite fit in anywhere else. Poke around, check out our Books and Submission guidelines, sign up for Ye Olde Town Cryer (our newsletter), and help us continue our goal of spreading chaos—one questionable story at a time!

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Latest Updates

  • Faewalk: Nat 1 Shared Universe
    It has been teased several times in our monthly newsletter, Ye Olde Town Cryer, (if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so—you’ll even get a free Macy Blush book!) but here is the official announcement… Nat 1 Publishing will be launching it’s shared literary universe, Faewalk, on our first anniversary, 14 February

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Latest Book Releases

Elderly Ones cover image depicting Cthulhu using a walker
The Elderly Ones
Standalone Anthology
The Smoke Bar by Leslie D. Soule and Jules Vasquez cover depicting five fantasy characters around a tavern bar
The Smoke Bar
By Leslie D. Soule and Jules Vasquez
Many Mini Misadventures Anthology Cover
Nat 1: Many Mini Misadventures