Nat 1 Editorial Board

Portrait of Brandan Roberts with a green background

Brandan Roberts

(Founder, Lead Editor, Illustrator)

This guy here is the culprit. It’s his fault Nat 1 Publishing is a thing—you can blame him for pushing human culture slightly closer to complete and utter annihilation with his Macy Blush books and this small indie-publishing house. He comes from the western foothills of Maine, USA where he lives with his wife, daughter, tortoise, cats, and silver pheasants. He felt his bachelors in liberal studies with minors in history and behavioral studies, masters in interdisciplinary studies focused on ethnography and folklore, and graduate certificate in digital curation were getting lonely, so he’s now working on a bachelor degree in English. When not contributing to the collapse of society, you can find him camping, reading, or playing TTRPGs. He also likes to unabashedly promote himself, so here’s a link to his author website.

Portrait of Michaela Butler with a purple background

Michaela Butler

(Board Member, Webmaster, Fixer)

She is currently ded and far too tired for nonsense like bios. Ask her in a couple months when she is once again a real live functioning human.

Portrait of Dahlia Thomas with a dark blue background

Dahlia Thomas

(Board Member, Lead Narrator)

Bio coming soon. What’s up with these procrastinators?!

Nat 1 Officers

Hans Madison


This is his placeholder bio because PEOPLE AVOID SUBMITTING BIOS. Ahem. Carry on.

Portrait of Jason Willard with a dark red background.

Jason Willard

(Campaign Officer)

An extradimensional being that’s manifested in this reality as a geeky writer. A lover of games, books, comics, and film, he hopes to someday make his mark and leave behind a story that resonates deeply within the souls of his nerdy brethren, bringing about a new golden age of peace. He also enjoys gelato. You can contact him any time at

Portrait of Max Littman with a yellow-orange background.

Max Littman

(Community Officer)

Max Littman is a music teacher that has always loved storytelling, whether it be through teaching, singing, reading, writing, or playing D&D. He lives in Massachusetts with his fiancée and their two cats.