Not Evil, Just Misunderstood… And Also Evil

Now taking submissions!

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THEME: Science-Fiction/Fantasy Monster and/or Villain POV (does not need to be first person). DEADLINE: 12/31/2022 or until all slots have been filled. DEETS: Submit 1-3 short stories (50-3k words), or 1-5 poems (2-80 lines, including line breaks)

  • No sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, or any other isms; they can be touched on but not glorified;
  • It must be your own original work;
  • It must be previously unpublished (personal blogs, websites, Reddit, etc. are okay);
  • It does not infringe on existing copyright material (this includes fan fiction);
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, if accepted elsewhere let us know ASAP;
  • Please don’t resubmit a rejected piece. If you’ve made significant revisions, contact us first.
  • We read submissions blind. Do not put any identifying information on your submission, including the file name.

Contributors will receive a free digital copy of the anthology. This anthology will be released in 2023.