Upcoming Publications

A list of projects in the works and their tentative release dates (subject to change)
This list is updated once in the beginning of the month; to see the most up-to-date list, visit the House-Schedule thread on our official Discord server.

Nat 1 Publishing

The Elderly Ones, standalone anthology (10/31/22)
Nat 1: LFG, annual anthology (12/22/22)
Black Ink on a Blank Void, standalone anthology (1/22/23)
Warding Bond, by Macy Blush (1/30/23)
Tlāloc, by Courtney Webb (2/22/23)
Faewalk: The RPG (3/14/23)
Dagny, by Matt Luedke (3/22/23)
Not Evil, Just Misunderstood…And Also Evil, standalone anthology (4/22/23)
Not What One Might Expect, by Andy Betz (5/22/23)
File Not Found, standalone anthology (6/22/23)

The Call of Quackthulhu, A Nat 1 Story
No Titles in the Bounds, by Leslie D. Soule & Jules Vasquez
Plot Points, by B.S.Roberts
Silent Bob, by Joe Taylor
Vivomancer, by Max Littman
Yaya and the Country Club Lothario, by Courtney Webb
Yaya Gets Wet, by Courtney Webb

Audience Askew

Audience Askew Literary Journal 1|2 (10/15/22)
Messengers of the Macabre, by LindaAnn LoSchiavo & David Davies (10/18/22)
Artificially Intelligent, by Michael David (11/15/22)
Fantastical Borrowings of a Titan’s Death, by Gregory Gonzalez (12/15/22)
Audience Askew Literary Journal 1|3 (1/15/23)
Airborne & Unbelieving, by Mark Spitzer (2/15/23)
Empty Glass on Picnic Table, by yours truly, the happy recluse (3/15/23)
The Shaman Said, by Kevin Zepper (3/15/23)
Audience Askew Literary Journal 1|4 (4/15/23)
the seasons of hydrangeas, by Lydia Prendergast (5/15/23)
Audience Askew: Volume 1 (5/15/23)
Buckling in the Bible Belt: A Queer Coming of Age, by Violet Winters (6/15/23)
Happy Tears of Pain, by Michael David (7/22/23)

Mind Poker, by Mord McGhee
My Experiment Gone Wrong, by Sydney Sheltz-Kempf
Nowhere, VA, by Arianna Yagel
Who’s Who Among American Teachers, by Robert J. Wilson
\ ˈspärs(ˌ)pōˈetə̇kə \ , by David A. Goodrum